Once upon a time in a land called Heavensville, two imaginary boys found each other and discovered that music (and beer, and possibly Berke Breathed comic strips) was the only thing that kept each from losing his footing and tumbling out into the real word, an ugly parallel universe where horrible things like war and poverty and Active Rock radio stations existed. The pair became friends and, as luck would have it--and luck is no small feature of the landscape in Heavensville--Tommy played guitar and Mark drums, so they started a band. But not just an ordinary band, because only Tommy and Mark could recreate the music in their heads, a sound that made the young girls of Heavensville cry and its girly boys dance, tones and beats swirls and euphorically until the only thing left to do at times was to gaze at one's shoes at the dreamy pop miracle of it all.

But since Heavensville is a place in the imagination--and not on the map--Tommy and Mark figured they'd have to take their music out into the real world. And so they did. But it seemed this real world was a hostile place, and even though they looked far and wide in cities like Chicago and Nashville, Tommy and Mark didn't find as many Heavensville expatriates scattered throughout the real world as they thought they would.

So they started playing other peoples' music by joining other peoples' bands, hoping that along the way they would locate other lost travelers. And of course life began to intervene--as life tends to do--and so during one tour of the last band they played in together, Tommy decided to stay behind in the artsy idyll of Athens, Georgia, and try to recreate Heavensville from memory with all of the musical instruments he had collected over the years. (Mark, meanwhile, ended up Los Angeles, where he found a house at the beach and became a Hollywood bottom-feeder.)

Tommy's surname is WEDGE, by the way, and under that name he released a stunning solo debut album in 2007 titled "Heavensville" (Harmonium Films & Music). Songs such as "Jupiter" and "The Architect" presented the place in diorama, gorgeously atmospheric snapshots of a musical paradise. WEDGE followed up that release with '09's "Until I Reach L.A." EP (Harmonium), which features the heavenly pop curio "Autumnal 21." 

Although devastatingly successful in conjuring WEDGE's mystical homeland, however, Heavensville still felt a little lonely to Tommy without other members of the tribe to share it with. So he invited Mark to bring all the musical instruments he had collected over the years and join him there. (Mark's last name is Emge, by the way, but folks not from Heavensville tend to have difficulty pronouncing it, so don't sweat it.)

And since Heavensville is a place in the imagination and not on the map, Tommy and Mark were able to recreate--on opposite coasts but connected through the ether in between--their most faithful depiction yet of the place, once again just two imaginary boys playing with melodies, harmonies, rhythms and words to rebuild Heavensville with songs so spectrally deafening that they're "Almost Silent". They invite you to join them there.