We are very happy to announce the release our newest
collection of music, entitled the “These Thieves EP!” It has three
songs on it. “What’s the Difference” is an uplifting tune that builds
and builds until the triumphant finale, played by the London Symphony
Orchestra. Well okay, not really. Even hipsters will cut a rug to the
title track “These Thieves” with enough cheap beer in them. Finally,
the EP closes with “Jojo.” An ode to a dear old friend. With back-up
vocals by former Dark Meat vocalist, Heather Heyn.
It was recorded and mixed by us, mastered at Bel Air Studio by Jason
NeSmith, and transferred to tape at Chase Park Transduction… both in
Athens, GA.

You can go here http://wedge.bandcamp.com/album/these-thieves-ep to download it for free!

After a couple of years of super hard work there are all kinds of wedge goodies out in the world for everyone to enjoy!

First of all we released a single, “Flying Kites Eat Me Whole.” It’s a short tale of love and loss and heartbreak. We also filmed a video for this one… check it out in the videos section!

After that we released our sophomore album, “Almost Silent.” it was recorded in Athens, GA, and Long Beach, CA. We recorded and mixed it ourselves… with a bit of help from our pal Marc in Nashville, TN (he also mastered it).

The album is crazy good if we do say so ourselves. It’s happy, it’s sad… well, it’s more sad than happy… well, it’s pretty sad… but it’s really good!
If you’ve already downloaded it you can download the digital-booklet here.

Keep checking back for news, songs… songs, news, etc. You get the idea. Hmmm… maybe we will even play a concert sometime. Hmmm…